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Discover how to establish useful relationships, how to find more leads and better qualified prospects. We show you how to meet new clients or customers to make more money with our free online tool.

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The World Wide Web makes finding people with common interests so easy that businesspeople can’t ignore it. However, people still need the advantages of face-to-face business networking over online contacts.

What if you could combine both modalities: Online networking for business and, then, off-line meeting with selected contacts?

Rainmakers Schmooze…

Among the most important skills businesspeople need to succeed, the gift to successfully connect with other people comes first.

  • Entrepreneurs, salespeople, and professionals have been relying on their schmoozing abilities for ages.
  • Job hunters who mastered the art of rubbing elbows find new jobs faster than those who read classified ads. They also get better positions.
  • Actively seeking prospects and continuously doing business networking instead of passively contacting leads makes the difference between rainmakers and poorly paid sales agents.
  • Repeated contacts make more and better sales and bring more business opportunities than cold calling and one-time meetings.

In other words, to establish profitable businesses, successful people take time to connect with one another and make inside connections…

…And so do us Meeting Wave Members

You’ll find MeetingWave simple to use. A straightforward search engine assists users who wish to search invites. For a business search you can easily exclude posts with a romantic purpose.

You have two options to begin business networking with MeetingWave. Either browse posts to find public invites to attend a proposed meeting or post your own invites.

Search invites to attend a meeting:

  • Navigate the listings and find a local public invite in the field of your interest.
  • Accept the invite and wait for approval. It´s up to the members who posted the invites to decide whether you may be present at their proposed meetings.
  • If approved, get out of your comfort zone and go to the off-line meeting.

Post an invite:

  • Post a public invite describing the type of people you’d like to meet with or the purpose of your proposed meeting. Or import your contacts from LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail and send invites to those contacts to meet them in person.
  • When people accept your invitations, we let you know by e-mail.
  • You decide who attends the meeting by approving or rejecting the acceptance requests. Why do you have to approve acceptance requests? The simple answer is “TARGETING”. Meetings are only confirmed if you approve at least one acceptance from another member

Establish Win/Win Relationships

As you build useful relationships, remember that MeetingWave is not an event-oriented website. There are better tools to organize events. Instead, we provide

a free online meeting place
to meet people off-line.

"Use MeetingWave’s networking capabilities to organize get-togethers over coffee, lunch, golf, or other meeting activity. Choose a safe public place for the first meeting where you, and the people you agreed to meet, can…"

  • relax
  • exchange business cards
  • discuss funds and venture capital
  • identify and prepare for interesting upcoming events
  • make new friends
  • be entertained

Above all, remember that successful business networking focuses on service and being remembered, not just meeting new people. Ask how you could help the other person in his or her business. Also, get ready to deliver a 30 second self-presentation. Make it compelling. Don’t be lazy; you can’t afford to miss the opportunity to deliver a well-prepared presentation.

Be heard!
Extend your reach!
Lead a group!

Follow-up on every off-line contact you made in the first meeting. Most business opportunities arise after repeated contacts; so do not just initiate business networking. Maintain and improve your relationships with proper follow-up.

Join MeetingWave and our useful business networking community. Start a long term profitable relationship today. It’s easy, and it can be a lot of fun. Money and business opportunities come next.

Become a registered member and you’ll be able to create “Meeting Alerts”. Every time a member posts an invite that matches your search criteria, MeetingWave sends an alert to your e-mail inbox.

You can register using your Google account, if you have one. Facebook Connect is available, too. Advertise your invites to your Facebook or LinkedIn contacts.  Meet with them in person and begin establishing Win/Win relationships!

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