1. 1.  What is MeetingWave?
  2. 2.  What’s MeetingWave’s value to you?
  3. 3.  What's MeetingWave's vrfy.me feature about?
  4. 4.  How does it work?
  5. 5.  How much does it cost?
  6. 6.  How about MeetingWave Mobile Applications?
  7. 7.  What's the Geolocation Button for?
  8. 8.  Will Geolocation work with my phone?
  9. 9.  Why focus on offline, face-to-face networking?
  10. 10.  Examples of how MeetingWave can help you?
  11. 11.  Any tips for meeting new people?
  12. 12.  How do I get started?
  13. 13.  What is the VERIFICATION EMAIL?
  14. 14.  Who can become a Registered User (i.e., a "Member")?
  15. 15.  Will my email address or other personally identifiable information (e.g., email, telephone, full name, etc.) be disclosed to others?
  16. 16.  What is a "Username"?
  17. 17.  Why do I need a "Profile"?
  18. 18.  What does MeetingWave do for you?
  19. 19.  What should be included in My Profile page?
  20. 20.  Can I import my contacts from other sites?
  21. 21.  Who can see the content of my profile?
  22. 22.  OK, I registered and created a Profile. What can I do now?
  23. 23.  How to create a great invite that others will accept?
  24. 24.  How will I be able to find the people I am supposed to meet with at the meeting location?
  25. 25.  Do I need to disclose the specific location of the proposed meeting in my PUBLIC INVITE?
  26. 26.  What if I wish to communicate with one or more users who have accepted or have been approved for my proposed meeting?
  27. 27.  Can I create an Invite for multiple dates?
  28. 28.  Can you remind me when I have an upcoming meeting?
  29. 29.  Is there a mobile version for web-enabled handheld devices?
  30. 30.  Can I receive notifications on my cell phone?
  31. 31.  Can you notify me when a certain type of invite is posted on the site?
  32. 32.  Can I look at my prior invites?
  33. 33.  What are some examples of how to use MeetingWave.com?
  34. 34.  Is the site patent protected?
  35. 35.  What is TTB Technologies, LLC?
  36. 36.  Have a great idea and interested in filing a patent application?
  37. 37.  Other Online Tools
  38. 38.  About MeetingWave Video

1. What is MeetingWave?

MeetingWave helps you arrange targeted networking meetings over coffee, lunch or other meeting with the exact type of people you want to meet. 


Simply create Open Invites for proposed networking meetings describing the type of people you want to meet.

You'll be notified by email when someone accepts.  You can ignore, decline or confirm any acceptance for any reason.

Meetings are only confirmed if everyone agrees to meet and everyone can conceal their identity & contact information until ready to exchange business cards.

MeetingWave can help members meet new people for business or social purposes, while providing:

Targeting - Describe the type of people you’d like to meet (e.g., potential new clients, customers, fellow alumni, or business contacts).

Control - Decide when, where, & whether to meet.  And who can attend the meeting.

Verification - Verify where you work or went college using our technology and ask others to do the same before meeting.  Search for verified profiles to target employees with certain backgrounds.

Privacy - Do not need to disclose your identity or contact information and use double-blind messaging provided to facilitate meeting planning.

Flexibility - Anytime, anyplace. Coffee, lunch, dinner, golf or other networking meeting.  And, no commitment to meet until everyone agrees and you can also cancel if there’s a change of plans. 

Geolocation - Enable to let your Invites and Meeting Alerts follow you without disclosing your specific location.

MeetingWave helps you meet new people for business or social purposes, while giving you a lot of control, privacy, targeting and flexibility in choosing who you will ultimately meet in person.  You can propose networking meetings, yet control who attends and whether the meeting occurs.

Real Networking.  Real Easy.


2. What's MeetingWave's value to you?

Think of MeetingWave as creating immediate opportunities for you to be contacted by a potential employer or client to have lunch – without you ever having to disclose your contact information or identity.  You can ignore or decline, without ever revealing who you are. 

MeetingWave is all about bringing immediate opportunities to you to meet new people, while giving you control, privacy and flexibility in deciding who you ultimately meet.

3. What's MeetingWave's vrfy.me feature about?


Members can have their work or alumni email addresses "verified" by MeetingWave and display an indication of that verification on their profile. When someone sees verified email domains (e.g., @ibm.com or @brown.edu) on a profile, they will know the user must be associated with the university or company identified in the email domain helping people feel more comfortable meeting the user (and vice versa).


Only the verified domain is displayed - the user's personal email address will not be disclosed for everyone to see.


Members can use their verified profile urls (meetingwave.com/p/username) on LinkedIn, with blog comments, and when using Craigslist. And - request to see someone else's before meeting them or before bringing them into their network or agreeing to buy or sell an item on Craigslist.   See, http://vrfy.me


Moreover, you can search for invites created by members with specific verified email domains (e.g., @ibm.com or @alumni.harvard.edu) at http://www.meetingwave.com/ssearch and save such searches as Meeting Alerts to be notified of new invites meeting your search criteria in the future.

4. How does it work?

Using MeetingWave.com, you can organize in-person meetings with new people by:


1. Creating an invite for a proposed meeting that describes who you'd like to meet or the purpose of the meeting, whether it’s coffee, lunch, drinks, golf or some other activity.

2. You'll be notified by email when someone accepts your invite.

3. You can approve or decline anyone’s acceptance for any reason - it's entirely up to you. The other people will be notified of your decision.  Approve at least one acceptance, and your meeting is on!

If you invite a specific person to attend a meeting, you would not need to "approve" that person's acceptance in order for that person to receive confirmation that he may attend the meeting. MeetingWave.com assumes that if you have specified someone to invite, you would not have any reason to decline that person's acceptance.

You can choose to have the meeting location disclosed only to people you approve to attend. Moreover, the site's messaging system allows you to communicate - directly and privately - with those who have indicated an interest in attending your meeting.
Members can also search through invites for proposed meetings posted by others and accept those of interest.  If the meeting organizer approves their acceptance, the meeting is confirmed and the member will be sent a confirmation to attend the networking meeting.   

Members can click "Meeting Alert" to be notified by email of any new invites meeting the search criteria in the future.


5. How much does it cost?

It's free to join and also post an invite for a proposed networking meeting and accept invites posted by others.



6. How about MeetingWave Mobile Applications?

MeetingWave’s Location-Based iPhone App

Set up business networking meetings on the fly!  Meet new clients, new customers, fellow alumni or business contacts.

Download the app and create a profile with some background information and one or more verified email domains.   It’s Free.

Create an invite describing the type of people you’d like to meet & Set Up Your Networking Preferences.  This is also Free.

If interested in meeting new contacts, set your status to “Available”.  We don’t disclose your identity, contact info or specific location.  If someone sends your a Meeting Request, you can accept, decline or ignore.  It's up to you.  A meeting is only confirmed if both parties decide to meet.

Run a Search to see who is nearby.  If you see someone you’d like to grab a coffee or lunch with, send them a Meeting Request.   If they accept, you can than exchange double-blind messaging to facilate your meeting.

Members can have their work or alumni email addresses "verified" by MeetingWave and display an indication of that verification on their profile page.  A "verified" email address is one that has been confirmed as authentic and valid.  When someone sees verified email domains (e.g., @ibm.com  or @brown.edu) on a user’s profile, they will know the user must be associated with the university or company identified in the email domain. Verification promotes trust and confidence in the information posted on a profile.

Double-blind messaging is available after the members agree to meet to facilitate meeting planning. It’s free to try out.


Download the MeetingWave applications for free 


iPhone app:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/meetingwave/id401143055?mt=8

Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meetingwave.MWave&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImNvbS5tZWV0aW5nd2F2ZS5NV2F2ZSJd


7. What's the Geolocation Button for?


This feature allows you to create proposed Meeting Invites and Meeting Alerts that will be tied to your updated location without ever disclosing your specific location to others.   Your "real-time" location is updated whenever you click "Refresh My Geolocation" on MeetingWave.  Simply click and your current location will be updated using rails Geokit.


If your phone is geolocation-enabled, just click the button and provide your phone number and country. 


Also, select the right "radius" which likely depends on how far you are willing to travel for a networking meeting.  The radius determines what invites and "available" users get picked up in your searches.  For example, if in the suburbs, a 10-20 mile trip might be acceptable if it's an opportunity to meet with a possible new client or customer. In NYC, the radius might be 1 to 5 miles depending on where you are and how much you enjoy riding the subway, buses or taxi cabs.


Geolocation Invites: Your proposed meeting invites will be associated with your updated current location rather than a specific location.  For example, when visiting a city, your geolocation-enabled invites will be updated when you click "Refresh Geolocation" and show up in other member's searches in that city.   They can accept your invite, but you can still decide whether to approve, decline or ignore.  A meeting is only confirmed if you appprove and you can then facilitate meeting planning after approving the other member's acceptance using double-blind messaging.

Geolocation Meeting Alerts: You'll be notified of invites that might interest you based on your updated current location.

MeetingWave never discloses your specific location and you can turn your geolocation On or Off (Enable or Disable).  


8. Will Geolocation work with my phone?


MeetingWave uses Google Latitude to provide it's geolocation functionality.


Google Latitude is a feature of Google Maps for mobile on these phones:



  • Android-powered devices, such as the T-Mobile G1
  • iPhone and iPod touch devices
  • most color BlackBerry devices
  • most Windows Mobile 5.0+ devices
  • most Symbian S60 devices (Nokia smartphones)


9. Why focus on offline, face-to-face networking?

MeetingWave helps you arrange meetings with new people for business or social purposes.

By focusing on offline in-person networking, MeetingWave provides rich and targeted opportunities for businesses looking to drive online and offline sales and business development.

Successful business people understand the value of face-to-face meetings.  An in-person meeting creates a strong and lasting first impression, particularly when you’re developing new contacts. MeetingWave focuses on developing your business and social networks through face-to-face meetings. Whether you would like to make contacts where you work or live, or even while you are traveling, MeetingWave.com can bring you together with the people you want to meet.

10. Examples of how MeetingWave can help you?


Members can post Public Invites for coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, teleconferences or any other activity to meet new clients, network with others in their industry, recruit new team members, connect with potential investors, find new opportunities, or make new business contacts or friends.


Here are some examples of how you can use MeetingWave to expand your network or simply meet new friends – anytime, anyplace.


•     Are you an attorney striving to become a rainmaker?  Try posting a recurring, Public Invite for lunch near your office with fellow alumni or people interested in learning about your practice.  You can specify the types of people with whom you want to meet (e.g., people in corporate or business development).  Emphasize your expertise and knowledge in your MeetingWave profile and in the Invite description.  Your pool of potential clients is out there waiting for you.


 •    Are you a realtor trying to find your next client or sell a home?  Try posting a recurring Public Invite at a local coffee shop to meet with potential buyers or sellers.  Describe the areas and neighborhoods you represent in your MeetingWave profile and in the Invite description.


•    Are you in sales and looking to bring in more business?  Try posting a Public Invite at your next conference or tradeshow to meet potential customers.  You can be as detailed as you want in your Invite description.  Let everyone know, for example, that you want to meet with employees of a specific company in your sales pipeline.  You can target your Invites!


•    Are you looking for a job or considering a job offer?   Try posting a Public Invite to meet with former or current employees of companies you’re interested in.  Get the benefit of talking to those “in the know.”   Do some due diligence before accepting the job.


•     Are you interested in meeting people and making new friends?  Try posting a recurring Public Invite to meet new people – anytime, anyplace.   Post an Invite to meet with fellow alumni in your city, other newcomers to your town, people who share common interests, etc.  It’s easy!


Remember, MeetingWave provides you with a very high degree of control – even when you’re looking to meet new people! You set the time, date and location of your meeting. You can describe the types of people you want to meet. You can decline, for any reason, to meet with anyone who has accepted your Invite.


And don't forget to Tell a Friend/Import Contacts!

11. Any tips for meeting new people?

Here are some ways to meet the right people:


(A). When you post a Public Invite, we recommend describing the type of people you want to meet and asking other members to create a Profile before accepting your invite.  Keep in mind you can decline or cancel a meeting for any reason, and we’ll notify the other attendees. If you are flexible about the time and place, let others know or select "no preference" when creating the invite. You can always work out those details using the double-blind messaging system with whoever you decided you would like to meet.


(B). Be sure to create a Profile that includes some background information. This is important at both ends of the meeting invite since it helps users decide who to meet, and makes each meeting more valuable to our members. Moreover, you can make your username/profile private in the invite and MeetingWave will only disclose to members you approve to meet.


(C). Be specific in your meeting description. A meeting entitled ‘Coffee with other New Moms” or “Network with other Attorneys” will likely generate more interest than a broad invite like "Coffee in CT." You can be as detailed as you like and decline any acceptance that doesn’t meet your criteria.


(D). If you are looking to meet different types of people, or people in different locations, set up multiple invites. This is more effective than combining them in one invite.


(E). For those of you who may be shy, post a Public Invite and invite a friend you already know to your meeting. You don’t have to network alone!

12. How do I get started?

Register today- it's easy! While you can browse the Website and view posted Invites without registering, you cannot post or accept Invites or create your own Profile without taking this initial step. In order to register, you need to provide MeetingWave.com with three things: (i) a valid email address so that we may send email notifications to you about meetings (e.g., confirmations, reminders, and meeting changes), (ii) a Username, and (iii) a Password. Your registration is completed after you agree to our Terms of Use and confirm your email address by clicking through the VERIFICATION EMAIL we send to your email address.


Your email address will not be published or disclosed to others unless you include it in your Profile, in an Invite or some other public location. We strongly advise against including your email address in any such public locations.


MeetingWave.com needs your email address to send notifications relating to Invites that you have posted or accepted. We also need your email address so that we can send you an initial VERIFICATION EMAIL to complete your registration on MeetingWave.com.


For more information on how we use your email address and other data you submit, please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


In order to avoid abuse and to ensure that we have received your correct email address, MeetingWave.com sends out an initial VERIFICATION EMAIL that requests that you confirm your registration on the Website. Your registration on MeetingWave.com is not complete until you have clicked through the button contained in this VERIFICATION EMAIL. If the button does not work or is not displayed, please copy and paste the URL provided at the bottom of the VERIFICATION EMAIL into your Web browser and click through that page to complete your registration.


If you do not receive the VERIFICATION EMAIL in your Inbox, please look for it in your Spam, Bulk or Junk folder. Spam filters are becoming more aggressive in filtering out "unwanted" email, due to the increase in the volume of Spam. While these Spam filters can be useful, they sometimes have the unfortunate side effect of blocking legitimate email, especially marketing, transactions, and customer email communications. To ensure that you receive the emails you want to receive, not only from MeetingWave.com but from other legitimate email senders, we recommend that you take the steps below. Taking any one or more of these steps will help reduce the likelihood of legitimate email being blocked by a Spam filter. At the very least, if you find your MeetingWave.com VERIFICATION EMAIL in your Spam, Bulk or Junk folder, please move it to your Inbox and open it so that the filter is more likely to recognize future email from MeetingWave.com as legitimate.


(1) Check your Bulk or Junk or Spam folders periodically for false positives (i.e., legitimate emails improperly flagged as Spam) and designate any legitimate emails found in those folders as "Not Spam".

(2) Move any legitimate emails to your Inbox.

(3) Save the legitimate email sender's email address in your email address book.

(4) If possible, adjust the settings on your Spam filter to (a) save (rather than destroy) filtered email for at least two weeks to allow you to review and correct any "false positives"; (b) automatically move any emails that you identify as "Not Spam" to your Inbox; and (c) automatically add such email addresses to your email address book to prevent emails from those senders being filtered in the future.


Taking any one or more of the measures described above should help you receive the emails you want to receive, including the email notifications from MeetingWave.com. We urge you to take these steps so that future email notifications from MeetingWave.com (a crucial part of our service) will not be filtered.

14. Who can become a Registered User (i.e., a "Member")?

Anyone eighteen (18) years of age or older can register with MeetingWave.com. Parents should know that no one under the age of eighteen (18) years is allowed to use the Website. While we cannot always determine if someone is untruthful about his or her age (and cannot be responsible for making that determination), we try to keep under-age users off of MeetingWave.com. If you discover that your child is posing as someone older and using the Website, please let us know by contacting us at abuse@meetingwave.com. It is important to us to help keep your child safe online. For information useful to parents about the Internet, visit wiredkids.org and wiredsafety.org.


If you are under eighteen (18) years of age, please do not use this Website. We do not permit anyone under eighteen (18) years old to use MeetingWave.com. If we discover that you do not meet the minimum age requirement, we will delete your Profile and void your registration. If you communicate with or meet anyone using MeetingWave.com who appears to be, or states that he or she is under eighteen (18) years old, please let us know by contacting us at the email address set forth in the previous paragraph.

15. Will my email address or other personally identifiable information (e.g., email, telephone, full name, etc.) be disclosed to others?

No personal email addresses or other personally identifiable information (e.g., email, telephone, and full name) will be disclosed to others unless you place such information in your Profile on the Website or otherwise publicly post such information on MeetingWave.com (e.g., in a Public Invite). As explained in more detail in Section 8, your Profile becomes "public" (a) after you post a Public Invite and/or (b) after you accept a Public Invite and are actually "approved" to attend the meeting by the meeting organizer.


For more information on how we protect your personally identifiable information, please see our Privacy Policy.

16. What is a "Username"?

Your Username will be your public name on the Website, so we recommend that you do not use your full name or other personally identifiable information in your Username. Instead, we recommend using your first name or a nickname. MeetingWave.com can provide you with a randomly selected Username if you do not want to create one. If you do create your Username, we request that you do not use any offensive or otherwise objectionable words or language.


For more information on Usernames, please see our Terms of Use.

17. Why do I need a "Profile"?

While you do not need to provide any information about yourself in order to register, MeetingWave.com strongly recommends that you provide as much information as possible in your Profile including one or more verified work or alumni email domains (e.g., see http:vrfy.me).


Having more information in your Profile will allow other users to make informed decisions about who they choose to meet with through MeetingWave.com.  You can include past or present employers, job title/profession, industry, schools attended, home town, interests, etc. Your Profile information will help (a) someone decide whether to accept an Invite that you have posted and/or (b) a meeting organizer decide whether to approve your request to attend a posted meeting. The bottom line is that information in your Profile allows meeting organizers and potential meeting guests to make more informed decisions on either end of an Invite. In order to create a Profile, you must be a registered user.

18. What does MeetingWave do for you?

Helps you find new business or job opportunities, clients, or business or social contacts. You can arrange meetings with new people over coffee or a meal.

19. What should be included in My Profile page?


You should include any information you are comfortable disclosing that willhelp other users decide whether to (a) accept your meeting invite, (b) approveyour acceptance to their meeting invite or (c) nvite you to theirmeeting.  Such information can include current and past employers, currentor past job titles, schools attended, places you lived, etc.  You can now create new profile boxes for additional information you wish to include in yourprofile and can also organize your profile boxes however you want.


You can also list your Meeting Interests on your Profile page to describe the types of meetings or the types of people you’re interested in meeting.  Interested in meeting other Michigan alumni?  Want to network with others in your industry?  Looking for new clients or customers? This will encourage other users who have similar interests to know to invite you to their meetings.  We will be adding new functionality in the future to help you connect with people with similar interests.


Your posted public invites will be posted in your profile page and viewable by anyone viewing your profile. If they cannot make one meeting, this will allow them to see your other meetings they may want to accept.   We added a tool to allow you to easily export your public invites to another site (e.g., your blog, another website, etc.).  Our simple "widget-builder" lets you customize what it will look like.   You can then copy-and-paste the code into your website or blog.


We’ve simplified the URL for your Profile page to make it easier to share with others. We now allow http://meetingwave.com/p/username as well as the current http://meetingwave.com/member_profiles/show/username.


Don’t forget to create your Profile. It helps at either end of the invite! Whether someone is deciding to accept your public invite or deciding whether to approve your invite.

20. Can I import my contacts from other sites?

Yes, you can tell a friend about MeetingWave and also import your contacts from other accounts (such as Gmail, Yahoo and LinkedIn) with a simple click of the Contacts button on your Profile page (http://www.meetingwave.com/contacts). This will allow you to easily connect with friends, family and colleagues and also pass our message on to those who are interested in networking or meeting new people. The more active members there are, the better we can connect people for business and social networking!


21. Who can see the content of my profile?

Your MeetingWave.com Profile should not viewable by other users unless and until you take the step of posting or accepting a Pubic Invite (which is published on the Website and viewable by all).


If you set up a Public Invite, your Profile will be viewable once your Invite is posted on the Website. It will be viewable by anyone browsing the Website, whether they are registered users or not. If you set up a Private Invite, your Profile will be viewable only to the specific guests you invited to attend your meeting.


If you are browsing the Website for meetings to attend, your MeetingWave.com Profile should not be viewable until you have accepted a Public Invite AND the meeting organizer has approved your acceptance.


For more information on others' access to your Profile, please see our Privacy Policy

22. OK, I registered and created a Profile. What can I do now?

Post Invites or Browse Invites! After registering, you can (a) post an Invite for a meeting and wait for people to accept and/or (b) browse posted Invites and accept an Invite that interests you. Please be patient. It may take time to build a community of registered users in your area, but your participation and spreading the news to friends, family and others will help greatly. If your posted Invite is not accepted by other users before the meeting date, please try again. If possible, try posting your Invite weeks before the date of the meeting or event to allow enough time for other users to browse and accept.

23. How to create a great invite that others will accept?

First, create a profile that provides background information about yourself such as where you grew up, schools attended, industry you work in, meeting interests, hobbies, etc.  


Second, describe what type of people you are interested in meeting or the purpose of your proposed meeting in your invite description.  You can ask them to create a profile before accepting your invite to help you decide who to approve.  You can also indicate you are flexible about the time and location of the proposed meeting.


Finally, invite one or more friends to join so others feel more comfortable accepting your invite and you can meet new people with friends. 


Remember, it's up to you to create an invite that others will be interested in accepting.  However, it's well worth the effort.   It's not what you know, but who you know so creating new real world contacts can help you acheive your goals.

24. How will I be able to find the people I am supposed to meet with at the meeting location?

If you are going to meet with people you have never met before, it may be useful to have some information to help identify them when you arrive at the meeting. We recommend using the optional photo feature on the Profile page on MeetingWave.com which allows you to post a photo of yourself. You can also add a description of yourself in the Invite ("I'll be wearing a green ball cap"), or make a reservation under a group name and include that in the Invite description.

25. Do I need to disclose the specific location of the proposed meeting in my PUBLIC INVITE?

No. You can select to publish a Public Invite without the specific location of the proposed meeting, although we suggest you include in the invite general location information (e.g., neighborhood, zip code, district), venue information such as cuisine (e.g., Italian, Chinese,) and estimated costs (e.g., very expensive, moderate) to help other users decide whether to accept the invite. The specific location will later be transmitted to those users who you have approved to attend the meeting. This feature allows you to control who is able attend your proposed meeting even when the invite is published on MeetingWave.com.

26. What if I wish to communicate with one or more users who have accepted or have been approved for my proposed meeting?

The user who has posted the invitation can communicate with the other users associated with the invite (e.g., who have accepted the invitation or are confirmed for the meeting) via double-blind transmissions. More specifically, you can transmit to and receive comments from another user who has accepted your invite without such comments being published to other users. The comments between you and the other user will be viewable on your and the other user's Dashboard when reviewing the invite and will also be transmitted via doubleblind email. Thus, you can control who will see your comments -- whether you are the user who posted the invite or the user who accepted it.


To use this feature, go to your Dashboard and click on the specific Invite. In the Guest Response sidebar on the right, click on ">>Click here to manage your guest list." This will take you to the new Guest Response Dashboard. In the Guest Response Dashboard, you will be viewing the comments associated with that invite and will have the ability to send comments to one or more of the users associated with any given invite. For any listed user, click the blue "+" icon to open the user's row to display the profile and comments for that user.

27. Can I create an Invite for multiple dates?


Yes, you can post a "Recurring Invite", which means you can set multiple dates for your proposed meeting.  You can choose to have your proposed meeting occur on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  By posting a Recurring Invite, you are not committing to having meetings on each recurring date, but rather, you are indicating that you are generally available on those dates.  Someone considering accepting your Recurring Invite can accept for one of the specific, recurring dates.   As with any other Invite you post on MeetingWave.com, you will be notified of each acceptance of your Invite and given the opportunity to approve or reject it.


Alternatively, you can use the “Copy Invite” functionality to use one of your existing Invites as a template for a new Invite. You won’t need to input Invite details that are already in the template.  Using this feature,  you can create a single invite and then copy to create duplicates for other invite dates.

28. Can you remind me when I have an upcoming meeting?


Sure. MeetingWave.com allows you to set up Reminder Settings so that a reminder email will be sent to you prior to your meeting at a time specified by you. You can also change this default setting for individuals meetings.

29. Is there a mobile version for web-enabled handheld devices?


Yes, wherever you are, you can easily post, find and accept Invites with your web-enabled device.  Just visit MeetingWave.com using your BlackBerry, Treo, or smart phone to see a fast, easy-to-use mobile interface for MeetingWave.com or point your device to http://m.meetingwave.com


If you have any problems viewing the mobile version, please check the browser options on your device and enable the following: "Support HTML tables", "Use Foreground and Background colors", "Use Background Images", "Support Javascript", "Allow Javascript popups" and "Support Style Sheets".  If you still have problems or have any other feedback, please contact us.

30. Can I receive notifications on my cell phone?

Yes, just enter your cell phone number into your “My Account” page and we will send to your cell phone your reminders (that you set up) and notifications when you’re invited to a meeting.  The number entered into your My Account page will not be disclosed to others.  We will be rolling out additional cell phone interactivity in the future.

31. Can you notify me when a certain type of invite is posted on the site?


Yes. MeetingWave.com now offers RSS feeds on the browse page, member profile pages and search results pages. For more information on RSS feeds, click here. This allows you to create your own RSS feeds and easily keep up to date on new invitations that meet your criteria. To do this just define a set of criteria for your search and click the 'Search' button as you would normally, but notice that even if there aren't any invitations that currently match your search criteria, there is still an orange RSS feed icon which you can use to subscribe to a feed that will be updated whenever there is an invitation posted that matches your criteria. For example you can create an RSS feed that would be updated whenever there were new invitations with the purpose of alumni socializing taking place in New York, NY. Or you can create a feed to notify you of any new invite posted for a meeting in Chicago or using any other invite search criteria. This will allow you to be notified of any invites that might interest you.

32. Can I look at my prior invites?


Yes, every Invite you've ever created or accepted is archived and viewable at any time in the future on the "Archive" tab on your "My Invites" page.  You may want to look at past Invites to see where you scheduled certain meetings or who attended them - you can even communicate with anyone who accepted your archived Invite by accessing the Guest Response dashboard for that archived Invite.  We will not stop here though- we will expand the capabilities of this new feature in the coming weeks to help you utilize our networking tool even more effectively.

33. What are some examples of how to use MeetingWave.com?


Example I: Posting and Accepting a Public Invite


Posting a Public Invite: Inga (our meeting organizer, or "Inviter") posts a Public Invite for dinner at 7 PM on July 12 at Radius in Boston. She indicates in her Invite that "Business Networking" is the purpose, that the meeting participants will each "Pay Own Expenses," and that the desired attendees are other Website marketers. She plans to make a reservation at Radius for six people under the name "Inga's MeetingWave Dinner" and includes a note about the reservation name in her Invite. Inga indicates that a maximum of 5 guests may attend the meeting. Once posted, Inga's Invite information and her Profile will be viewable to anyone browsing MeetingWave.com.


Accepting a Public Invite that is Approved by the Meeting Organizer: While searching for interesting Invites, Agnes, who is a Website marketer, sees Inga's Public Invite. Agnes believes the meeting would be a great networking opportunity and accepts Inga's Invite by clicking "ACCEPT". Agnes has the option of including a question or comment with her acceptance (e.g., "I would like to attend, but will need to arrive a half hour late"). After Agnes accepts, Inga receives an email notification from MeetingWave.com indicating that Agnes has accepted. The email notification reminds Inga that she may view Agnes's Profile prior to deciding whether to approve or decline Agnes's acceptance. After looking at Agnes's Profile, Inga decides to approve Agnes's acceptance by clicking "Approve". An email confirmation is then sent by MeetingWave.com to Agnes confirming that Agnes may attend the meeting. At this point, Agnes is listed as a confirmed guest, and Agnes's Username and Profile may be viewed by anyone browsing the Website.


Accepting a Public Invite that is Declined by the Meeting Organizer: In the example above, suppose Inga decides instead to decline Agnes's acceptance. There may be any number of reasons for Inga's decision - perhaps Inga has already confirmed acceptances from 5 other attendees, her limit. Or, perhaps Agnes's profile does not indicate that she is a Website marketer, as required by Inga's Invite. Whatever her reason, Inga can decline Agnes's acceptance by clicking "Decline". At that point, an email notification would be sent by MeetingWave.com to Agnes indicating that Inga has declined Agnes's request to join the meeting.


Example II: Posting a Public Invite that includes specific people you already know


Suppose in Example I above, Inga has a friend (Frank) who is a Website marketer for an up-and-coming social/business networking Web site, and Inga thinks he may be interested in attending the meeting. Frank has never used MeetingWave.com. Inga may invite Frank to attend her meeting by providing MeetingWave.com with Frank's personal email address. MeetingWave.com would then email Inga's Invite to Frank (at the email address provided by Inga). When Frank receives Inga's Invite, he must accept it through MeetingWave.com. He would then immediately become a confirmed guest, with no further action required from Inga. After Frank accepts, Frank's Username and Profile would be viewable in Inga's posted Invite, by anyone browsing MeetingWave.com.


Example III: Posting a Private Invite


Suppose Inga wants to arrange a birthday lunch for a friend from work (Wendy) and wants to invite two other friends from work (Warren and Will). Inga could use MeetingWave.com to send a Private Invite to her lunch guests. Inga would select the PRIVATE INVITE option on the WHO tab of the PostInvite page. The Invite would not be published on MeetingWave.com. After Inga her provides her work friends' email addresses, MeetingWave.com would email an Invite notification to Wendy, Warren and Will. Since Inga specifically invited these three guests, their acceptances of the Invite confirms that the birthday lunch is on – Inga would not need to "approve" any of their acceptances to confirm the meeting.


Example IV: Browsing Invites


Bob has heard many good things about MeetingWave.com through friends and decides to browse the Website for the first time. Bob lives in New York City but is traveling to Chicago for a week-long biotech conference. Bob knows he will have some free time while in Chicago. When he first logs onto MeetingWave.com, he immediately notices an interesting Invite for a get together at Bowlmor Lanes in New York for Notre Dame alumni. Having wanted to reconnect with fellow Notre Dame alumni for quite some time, Bob readily accepts this Invite.


Bob next browses invites for posted meetings in Chicago for the following week, where he will be for the biotech conference. Although Bob sees some interesting Invites, there are too many for him to peruse. Bob decides to use the "Advanced Search" feature of MeetingWave.com to narrow his search. This feature allows Bob to search for any posted Invites associated with the biotech conference he will be attending. The search results list several Invites for breakfast and lunch meetings. Bob accepts an Invite posted by someone who works for a customer in Bob's industry. Bob views an Invite for drinks with other industry newcomers and accepts that one as well. Bob then changes the search criteria to view Invites posted for meetings in Chicago for general business networking purposes, finds several dinner Invites that look interesting, and accepts another two Invites.

34. Is the site patent protected?


MeetingWave’s technology is covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 6,963,900; 7,483,946; 7,716,285; 7,860,929 (granting Dec. 28, 2010), and US Application 12/883,301 (each with February 2000 effective filing dates).  The term "anonymous" is defined in the specification to refer to anonymity between the two or more users or "shielded anonymity" (see 3rd Paragraph in the Detailed Description of the Specification).  These patents were sold to Apple, Inc. in Nov. 2010 and MeetingWave retained a worldwide royalty-free license with the right to sublicense to “Affiliates” and transfer to third parties under certain conditions.  

Patent applications have also filed for improvements in 2006 (US Application 12/376,730), 2008 (US Application 12/396,456), and 2010 (US Application 13/096,544) and are currently exclusive to MeetingWave and owned by TTB Technologies, LLC.


MeetingWave is a registered trademark.

35. What is TTB Technologies, LLC?


TTB Technologies, LLC was founded for the purposes of creating, developing, licensing and commercializing new technologies and intellectual property.  

36. Have a great idea and interested in filing a patent application?


First, review http://blog.meetingwave.com/index.php/uncategorized/meetingwave-blog-have-a-great-idea-what-about-a-patent/


Second, contact MeetingWave's founder at  http://www.rimonlaw.com/


37. Other Online Tools

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