MeetingWave's Location-Based Networking:

Set up business networking meetings on the fly! Meet new clients, new customers, fellow alumni or business contacts.

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Download the MeetingWave iPhone or Android app and create a Profile with some background information and one or more verified email domains. It's Free.

Create an invite describing the type of people you'd like to meet. This is also Free.

Also, set your status to "Available" and adjust your "Settings". Setting your status to "Available" will allow you to show up in "Who's Nearby?" searches. We don't disclose your identity, contact info or specific location.

If someone sends you a Meeting Request or Accepts your Invite and you approve confirming the meeting, the other member gets charged $0.99.

Run a "Who's Nearby?" Search to see who is nearby. If you see someone you'd like to grab a coffee or lunch with, send them a Meeting Request. If they accept, you'll get charged only $0.99 for the opportunity to meet with a new client, customer, or business contact.

Double-blind messaging is available after the members agree to meet to facilitate meeting planning. It's free to try out and members only get charged for confirmed meetings.

MeetingWave's Geolocation Feature

You can create proposed Meeting Invites and Meeting Alerts that will be tied to your updated location using these Phones without ever disclosing your specific location to others. Your updated location is updated whenever you click "Refresh My Geolocation" on MeetingWave. Simply click and your current location will be updated using rails Geokit.

Just click the button and provide your phone number and country. Also, select the right radius which likely depends on how far you are willing to travel for a networking meeting.

MeetingWave will not disclose your specific location and you can turn your geolocation On or Off.