About MeetingWave

  1. Connect here. Meet in person

    MeetingWave's core mission is to help you meet new clients, customers, business contacts or friends, while providing you with targeting, control, privacy and flexibility.

    You can propose meetings that are open to anyone -- yet can still maintain control over who can ultimately attend and whether the meeting occurs.

    It is free to join and post invites for proposed networking meetings. However, if you accept another member's invite and the other member approves your acceptance, you will be charged $0.99. Less than $1 to meet a potential new client, customer or business contact. People you want to meet. So it's nearly free and easy to use.

  2. What's MeetingWave's value to members?

    Think of MeetingWave as creating immediate opportunities for you to be contacted by a potential client or employer to have lunch or coffee-without you ever having to disclose your contact information or identity.

    Just describe the type of people you'd like to meet in your invites and we'll let you know when someone accepts.You can ignore or decline any acceptance for any reason, without ever revealing who you are.It's that simple and easy.

    You can create proposed meeting invites and meeting alerts that will be tied to your real-time location using our geolocation feature without ever disclosing your specific location to others.

    You should verify your work or alumni email addresses and display the verified email domains (e.g., or on your Profile. This allows you to easily verify your background information to others.

    MeetingWave is all about bringing immediate opportunities to you to meet new people for business or social purposes,while giving you control,privacy and flexibility in deciding who you ultimately meet.

    Networking with new people is still the most important thing to do if you are looking for a new opportunity -- whether it's a new job, leads, a business partnership, customers, or clients.MeetingWave helps you target exactly who you want to meet, so you don't waste your time.Try it today!