How MeetingWave Works for You!

MeetingWave helps you meet new people and provides control, privacy and flexibility.

You control who you meet and when, and your identity is protected until you're ready to disclose.


  1. Create an invite for a proposed meeting that describes who you'd like to meet or the purpose of the meeting, whether it's coffee, lunch, drinks, golf or some other meeting activity.

  2. You'll be notified by email when someone accepts your invite.

  3. You can approve or decline anyone's acceptance for any reason - it's entirely up to you. The other people will be notified of your decision. Approve at least one acceptance, and your meeting is on!

  • You do not need to disclose your identity or contact information, but we do recommend creating a Profile with some background information (including verified email domains) to help other members decide whether to meet with you.

  • Double-blind messaging is provided to confirm and facilitate meetings without disclosing identities or contact information.

  • You can choose to have the meeting location disclosed only to people you approve to attend.

Propose a Meeting to meet new people today.


Search for meetings posted by other members based on location or keywords or verified email domains (e.g., or

Accept any of interest and MeetingWave will let you know by email whether or not the meeting organizer approved your acceptance. Create a Profile with some background information (including verified emails) BEFORE accepting invites to help the other member decide whether to meet.

If confirmed, go to your meeting and start networking with the people you want to meet.

Find a Meeting today and meet new people.