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Forbrukeretaten’s comparison tool helps consumers

The numbers of mobile users have considerably increased over the years. According to the latest survey, mobile phones are now the most used medium of communication. The survey also suggests that as the number of users increases, the number of mobile network service providers have also increased. The survey suggests that today, people depend on their mobile phones not only for social communication purpose but also to operate their businesses and also to carries out electronic online transactions.

The launch of Forbrukeretaten, a website which allows consumers to use the comparison tool to check if they are using the best service provider, has been really appreciated by consumers of mobile network service providers. A consumer says that he was not aware of the various services provided by different networks and feels he has been paying too much to his service providers. Like him, there are reports of other consumers not being aware of different service providers who offer a cheaper price for the same service they have been using. Forbrukeretaten.on aims to provide the best service provider at the best price. Forbrukeretaten website officials say, “ The website is dedicated to search the market and bring the best service providers at the best price suitable for consumers.” The website also allows consumers to subscribe directly to their preferred network provider from the website itself.

A relieved consumer shared that after comparing the different service providers and the services they provide using Forbrukeretaten website, he can now subscribe to a network that is cheap as well as suitable for his need. As per market survey on service providers, it is evident that service providers are competing amongst themselves and are offering cheaper subscription rates to attract more users. Thanks to services provided by Forbrukeretaten.on, consumers can now easily compare different service providers and choose the best deal available to them. For more information please visit

About forbrukeretaten:
Forbrukeretaten.on is a website that allows users to compare different service providers and check if they are using the best services and at the best price. Using this website, consumers can now avoid paying unnecessary high phone bills.

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