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ratukasino announces 3% cashback policy to players

ratukasino.net recently announces 3% cashback policy to their players who lose more than 100K IDR in a week playing any of the online games on their website. The announcement came much to the delight of ratukasino.net users. ratukasino.net officials also confirm that the cashback policy was part of their new promotional strategy. The website reports increase in the number of new registrations and also the traffic to their website has increased significantly after the announcement of the cash back policy. Ratukasino.net is now one of the popular sites to play roulette online in Indonesia. According to the website, the minimum bet for roulette is 1 chip which is equal to 1000 IDR.

The site popularity has further increased with the introduction of online cockfight betting. Ratukasino website officials say “ Players can bet on cockfighting game online and live streaming of the cockfight will be provided for players interested to watch the game streamed live.” Cockfighting is a popular gambling game in Indonesia and its introduction to online betting on the website has further popularized the game. Ratukasino app can also be downloaded from the website and enjoyed on any iOS and Android devices. Once downloaded, players can access all the games provided on the official website.

The gaming rules and betting or prize money will all be the same, including the bonus rewards. The easy access to ratukasino games allows players to bet on the go and players can enjoy a quick game during breaks. According to the website officials, the new website and app promo also includes Special Bonus to new players and loyal players of Ratukasino. Any registered players who can be intermediary for the website and invite friends to play on Ratukasino website will also be rewarded Referral Bonus. The new Bonus 8X Win is also awarded to players who win 8 times in a row in any of the game on the website without any tie game. For more information please visit http://www.ratukasino.net


Choosing right signals provider paramount in high

It has been reported that using trading signals service offers great advantage because it delivers huge returns for the individual trader. It gives more control to the investors because they know the return they will be making even before the investment. It has been recorded that such returns have gone as high as 91 per cent and more. Additionally, the lowest recorded so far during the time of writing this press release is 65 per cent. This gives the investor a great opportunity to earn high level returns in just a short period of time, starting from as short a time as 60 seconds.

Most of the people are now taking the help of signals provider for binary trading because the profit margins are much better and the entire process of investing is very simple. In addition to this, other advantages include fast results, fixed investments which can be monitored easily, secure binary options trading, and limited risk. With over 100 binary signals services available on the internet, most investors are looking to web sites like top10binarysignals to find out the best performing company. It researches the rate of performance and winning ratio of each company, keeping all data updated for the benefit of the investors.

Binary Options Trading has gained popularity after the crash of the global market in the recent years. Investors claim that it is much easier, more profitable and is successful. Along with the binary options robots, it is said that binary signals providers are working together to commence income generating trading processes. It utilizes some of the most sophisticated and fast trading algorithms in the market. Binary Options Robots offer a similar situation whereby the traders can decide to work in cooperation with the binary options robots or even directly with the brokers. Most of the services are now fully automated. For more information please visit https://top10binarysignals.com/

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